Zapraszamy na wykład

KSI serdecznie zaprasza na wykład gościnny w ramach programu Erasmus+, który wygłosi dr Irena Myzeqari (Europejski Uniwersytet w Tiranie, Albania) pod tytułem: Femininity vs masculinity: gender performance in Albania society

Gender is a «hot topic» in Albania. Historically a society with strong patriarchal features, where men are supposed to dominate both public and private life, Albania is suffering from cultural and cognitive dissonances of being in the middle of a « clash » between the modern and traditional influences. It is the popular culture that shows us what does it mean to be a woman or a men and how we have to perform our gender roles and based on theories of identity, this lecture tries to bring in students’ attention the ways culture, media and tradition interfere with our gender roles. This is an opportunity for students of the university of Warsaw to share some thoughts on differences and similarities our countries share in terms of gender, identity and sexuality.

+ Cultural expectations about being a woman- The Canun
+ Media influence in « designing » women
+ Sexuality and womanhood- standarts of beauty and body image

Wykład odbędzie się sali 306.

Data publikacji: 03 April 2017